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About Me

As a web addict, I am proud to say.....

"Hi, My name is Brian le Roux & I am a SA Web Designer"

I designed my first website in 2007 and since then I have never been so passionate about anything else in my life. I love the Web, I love Web Design. I believe it is this passion that has driven me to become an Expert in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and lately I'm sharpening my skills in JQuery/Javascript.

With these languages dominating the web, I've positioned myself and my skills perfectly to suit 95% of the web requirements of my clients.

I have designed/developed over 400 Projects, all 100% on time. I do however admit, that some of my first projects are, and there are no other words to describe it, horrible!, but it's those projects that has driven me to improve my skills in order to deliver each project as one that I can be proud of.

My first website was designed in MS Frontpage in Tables, without any database and all pages were each handcoded and the only way to update the site was to manually change the code but this was how the internet was designed in those days. Today standard practice is a CMS, Content Management System, with PHP and MySQL, allowing the client/owner to update and maintain the website themself, with an easy & user-friendly web management system.

Proudly I have built a Brand Image that speaks, Excellent Service, Prompt Delivery and Courteous Communication. I have a firm believe that excellent customer service should be the foundation for any successful business.

If these are the principles you require in a web design partner, give me a call and let's chat.

You can Phone or Email me:
Brian le Roux
0861 222 820
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