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Tuesday, 13 May 2014 17:02

Content is King!

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Search Engines just loves content, that is after all what the Internet is all about - Information.

So yes, they will regard your website more important if you have variety of information on a specific topic eg. if you are selling blue suede shoes, you can give information on:

shoes in general, suede, the colour blue, the different kind of suede you get, elvis's blue suede shoes, suede fabric, how it is made, etc etc etc. you get the point.

More people will visit your website now, because your website is now not only about selling blue suede shoes, but everything about it. And that is what the search engines like. If someone types in "blue suede shoes" in Google, they will rank your website on the first page if not no.1 one, because they know that you will be able to find all the information you require.

So how does all of this content affect your website's sales?

That's an easy question, you are now ranked on the first page of Google!!!!

Whenever anyone will search for anything related to "blue suede shoes" your website is no.1.

I get so many business owners that ask me, Brian will you get my website on the first page of Google and then they supply me with:

Hi I'm John, I'm a plumber, I do plumbing in Gauteng, phone me if you want a quote, with a picture of John and his bakkie with a logo that was designed in Paint. And that's it! Now John expects me to get his website ranked in Google on the first page for the keywords "plumber gauteng".

I can design the best looking website and keyword optimize that website and get traffic to that website as much as I want, but Google will not list that website on the first page. Do you blame them?

Do you want to get John's website on the first page or do you want a website that will give information about plumbing. Advice, tips, pictures, diy, pitfalls etc.

I'm not saying don't design a website if you do not have all the content information, all I'm saying is don't expect to be listed on the first page.

More Content / Information will increase your chances of being ranked on the first page of Google and the other search engines.

You can still advertise your website on the first page, with Google Adwords or you can advertise your website on other websites, that are listed on the first page, so don't despair.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014 17:02

So what is the purpose of a website?

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I get so many enquiries from business owners that want a website and when I ask them what is the purpose of your website, they don't have a clue.

I just want a website, because every business should have a website.

Although that is true, the question remains, what is the purpose of your website? Will it be for advertising, will it be just to showcase your products and services?

Bottom line is that YES, you do need a website and I'll explain the potential benefits thereof.

Forget about what everyone is saying that there are millions of people online and that your website will get all the exposure to these millions of users. You will only get the exposure if you advertise your website to the users that are actually interested in your business, your target audience.

But what if you do not advertise your website on the internet, how do you benefit from a website then?

Well, when you advertise your website's address on your business cards, your emails, your brochures or any other form of offline media, you are now also advertising your website.

Your website now acts as a full colour brochure of your business, where anyone can go and have a look at the products and services you offer. Not like in the past, where if someone wanted more information on the services you offer, you had to either make an appointment to go and see them or explain your product/service to them telephonically or send them a fax (in black and white) or more lately send them an email, with a large presentation attachment.

Now you have the opportunity for users to access your services or products at any time, without you even knowing about it.

But what is important is that when a user visits your website, that you want to make contact with him/her, because a website will never be able to sell your product or service better that what you can.

So it is important to have a website that will be able to get the users contact details. If your website looks old, out-dated, a very poor design, there is no action required or the user is not invited to fill in their information, your website means nothing!!!

So very important! Make sure you get a web designer that knows what the purpose of a website should be. It should look professional, visually appealing and it should portray your brand, but most important, it needs to be inviting to the user to leave their details in order for you to generate leads.

Sales principles apply to your website too. I see so many smart websites out there, similar to me walking into a high-end fashion retail store. I see how beautiful the store looks, all the latest fashions that I love, but there is not a single person in sight asking me if I require assistance, nobody to convince to try something on.
O' my word, it is just pathetic!!!

Two very important fundamentals of a successful website:

Information & Interaction

"For the search engines, Content is King"

The above statement is VERY true, if you are going to get many visitors to your site. Because then you will do well in the rankings of Google and other search engines.

...........read more on content and search engines

But content is just as important to the users that visits your website.

The more information you have about your products or services, or even more information about your industry in general, the more credibility your website will have.

If I speak to someone that knows what is going on in a specific industry and they give me advice about the pitfalls I should look out for, or they give me tips and advice, I am more likely to engage in business with that person, as he knows what he is talking about. That is the kind of business I want to deal with.

Similar to this article you are reading now. I want to show you that I know what I'm talking about. I give advice and I tell you what the pitfalls are, I am credible.

My name is Brian and I am a professional web designer that knows the internet, websites and above all, I know how to design a successful website.

After all, that is what you are looking for.

If you would like to get more info or just have a chat to me about your business and a website, complete the form below and I will give you a call!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014 17:01

I just want a basic website, nothing fancy.

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What is your sense of basic and not fancy? What is your designers understanding of basic and not fancy? You must understand that everyone has different ideas and expectations. If you want a plain website, with your logo at the top, 5 pages maximum, some plain text links to the other pages, maybe a picture or two, no contact form, 5 email addresses, little bit of colour, then to my mind, that is basic, nothing fancy. Be careful to what you say your requirements are. You want basic, nothing fancy, you get a cheap looking website that shouldn't be allowed on the internet. Rather be specific as to what you want and how you want your website to look and rather source for a designer that can fulfil those requirements at an affordable rate.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014 17:01

How long does it take do design a website?

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How long do you want it to take? It depends on the functionality and requirements of your website and the current schedule of the designer. If you have a set deadline for your online project, be sure to discuss this with your designer and include it in your requirements. The designer might push you as priority, at a cost of course. A straight forward, static HTML, 10 page website, will not take a month! I get so many clients phoning me and say, Brian, I had this company design a website for me but they have been busy for more than a month now and when I look at what they have done so far, it is a straight forward basic website that shouldn't take longer than a few days to complete. So ensure that a deadline is discussed when requesting your website design.

Well, that is the million dollar question. Surely there should be some way of regulating the cost and an explanation why one designer charges ten time more than the other.

The more important question is - Is it really the same result? You can have 2 websites looking 99.9% the same, but how well does the functionality of each one work? Is the website properly optimized for search engines? see search engine optimization Will one of the designers disappear after a year when you need updates done on your site. Do both offer the same support you expect. Is the site written in the same language as to your requirements. Does both websites load at the same speed or does it take forever?

Now hold on, I'm not saying that a more expensive web designer is always better, but what I am saying is that there can be some clear distinctions between them and not meaning that the more expensive designer will always offer the better service. Look at the designer's portfolio and how long they have been around. Are they specialists in your requirements etc. Request a Quote

Tuesday, 13 May 2014 17:00

How much does a website cost?

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The cost of a website is determined by what functionality you want your website to have. Will you be supplying all the images or must the designer do that themselves? I have always had this problem with cost, because some designers charge a once of fee for a 5 page website, but they do not mention what functionality is included and then you get designers that charge by the hour. But if you are a better designer, then you will do the work faster, in less hours I mean, compared to the designer that just finished with college, that will take more hours to get to the same result. So that has always been a catch 22 for me. I rather suggest that you submit a clear outline of your requirements and let the designer give you a cost of a finished product. The other thing is, that you don't always know what functionality you want, because you don't know what is available, so ask your website designer for some advice on what functionality they can offer for your website and the costs involved and then you can decide if it is worth it or not.

Very important with regards to cost. Be as specific as possible when requesting a quote and once you have received the quote, make sure that all your requirements are outlined, as you do not want to pay hidden fees at a later stage.

Probably the most important question of all. Choosing the right website designer for your website, will determine the difference between success and failure.

If you should type in "Website Designer" - pages from South Africa - in Google, you will get +/- 5000 listings of different designers in South Africa alone. So which one do you choose? All of them are the same, are they not? A website Designer, is a website designer. NO NO NO, unfortunately not. Different website designers, specializes in different kind of websites. There are also different languages in which a website can be designed. Deciding on a website designer, depends on what you want your website to do and how it is done. The amount of pages your website will have will not influence your decision, but more importantly the functionality of those pages.

Do you need a content management system? Do you require just basic HTML? Do you want images and text moving and flying over the screen using Flash? These are very important questions, because you cannot expect a designer that specializes in CMS, to give you the same result if you want a Flash website. So what do you need? I get so many users sending us requests for a quote and all they say is, I want a website.

The big question is - What do you want your website to do? Once you can answer this question, only then you should source a designer that specializes in your requirements. Something else you should remember is that not all website designers are graphic designers eg. You might see this very smart website on the internet, its smart, the graphics are cool, wow, but the functionality of the website does not work properly. You might find a website that looks very clean, little images, straight forward, but the functionality of the website and the code in which it is written is so perfect, that it can win an award.

Finding the designer in between is the most difficult. The person that can design the wow website and the functionality of the website works perfectly.

O' yes, something else. It doesn't really matter where the website designer is based. You can even get a person in China to design your website, as long as he/she can speak English of course....joke. No seriously. With the internet and email today, communication is not a problem and sometimes it even works better as than sitting in a meeting face to face scratching on a piece of paper, where you can not really see the full effect. I usually suggest that you supply me with a website that has the same functionality as what you want and then a few samples of other websites that you like the look and feel of.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014 16:59

Will a website Benefit me?

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Yes! There is no doubt that a website will benefit you, but to what extent is the question. There is absolutely no down-side to a website, none whatsoever. Please, I need to make this very clear! A WEBSITE WILL BENEFIT YOU!!!

How will it benefit you? As discussed above, a website not only contributes to the image of the business, but is also a great cost effective marketing tool. There are millions of users not only internationally, but more importantly localy searching for your business on the internet, guaranteed. You can say what you want, but advertising in the Yellow pages (that big yellow book that everyone has next to their phone) is worth every penny. But if you must spend the same amount of money online, it will be worth every dollar!!!

So in closing, yes, you can not go wrong by getting a website! It will benefit you.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014 16:59

Why do you want a website?

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So many people want a website just because they believe that everybody has told them that there are millions of people on the internet and that they can get more business from the internet. Although this is true, there is NO easy way of getting business online.

The other side of the coin is that a website also contributes to the image of a business. Honestly, If I contact a business and ask for their website address to view their products or services and they do not have one, I will probably not do business with them, just because in my mind I consider them as a small, not fully functional, backyard business. A Website is like a full colour brochure of your business. You can print 100 000 copies, but if it is still boxed in your office and you are not distributing it, it means nothing.

If you want your website to be successful, you need to distribute it online.

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